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The complex, highly technological field of neurovascular surgery is quickly expanding, encompassing traditional surgical approaches, as well as endovascular and neurointerventional techniques. The last decade has seen increased cross-specialty interest in utilizing minimally invasive techniques to help prevent and treat cerebrovascular disease. Concurrently, there has been important research analyzing the efficacy of surgical methods versus endovascular approaches and the clip versus coil discussion is covered herein.

Modular plant construction: Bigger, higher, further is the motto in major plant engineering and construction, which is increasingly moving its base to the emerging markets. Faster, cheaper and more flexible, in contrast, are the watch-words when the subject is fine and speciality chemicals. If modular plant construction and chemicals containers are really going to be the answer to everything will come out in the wash. At the moment, at least, everyone with a name and reputation in the sector is looking into ideas intended to get the German and European chemicals industries back into top shape. All of this is running under the catch-word 50 Percent Idea and connects projects such as F 3 Copiride or the Evotrainer by Evonik

Jürgen Kern - The Beautiful SadnessJürgen Kern - The Beautiful SadnessJürgen Kern - The Beautiful SadnessJürgen Kern - The Beautiful Sadness