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In my private life, I love photography and I'm passionate about the Greek nature, language, culture & food.

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© Kelsey Ruys You are starting to be the [Blockchain] reference in Belgium. Vincent (professor) Kristof is the only person I have met so far who effectively masters the blockchain technology. Pieter University of Leuven In 2004 I obtained a Master in Informatics at the University of Leuven (with distinction) with a thesis entitled: "Group and Ring Signatures" , which are two related cryptographic primitives to create digital signatures in the name of a group.

In 2009, I was awarded, as PhD student, the Best Paper Award from SECRYPT , the international conference on security and cryptography for my paper: Service and Timeframe Dependent Unlinkable One-Time Pseudonyms .

In 2011, I obtained at the University of Leuven my PhD of Engineering with a dissertation entitled: “Improving privacy in applications by managing the disclosure of personal properties” . The aim was to develop and facilitate the development of applications whereby the certified personal user data that are being disclosed to the service provider are minimized, while the latter still has sufficient information and guaranties to offer its services. Today, this is called self-sovereign identity. One of the key cryptographic tools in my reserach were attribute-based credentials, as well as the underlying zero-knowledge proofs.

The list of my academic publications can be found here .

During my time at the university, I have been teaching various courses for various student groups and I have been coaching theses of several master students, of which two obtained later a PhD as well. Occasionaly, there is still collabaration between the University of Leuven and me at Smals. I coached , for instance, during the academic year 2016-2017 a master student on his thesis " Kruisen van persoonsgegevens met maximale bescherming van de privacy (Linking together Personal Identifiable Data with Maximal Protection of the Privacy) ".

In 2015 I passed the online Coursera course Cryptography I offered by Stanford University. I got 100 % (with distinction). Smals (Belgian Government) In 2011, I joined the research team of Smals , which provides IT services to Belgian governmental institutions. As researcher, I study new concepts and try to solve with them technical challenges within government context. Furthermore, Smals Research is doing knowledge transfer inside the government under the form of presentations and advise.

My main occupations so far are

I introduced the first technical knowledge about blockchain and smart contracts into the Belgian federal government.

The government processes many personal data, which poses privacy challenges. This issue comes back in all the research i'm doing. I try to come up with new and innovative cryptographic concepts to protect the privacy of the citizen. I give you below an idea of three of these proposed innovations.

Processing Prescriptions with a Blockchain Processing a medical prescription involves a complex information flow which can be eliminated by putting the prescriptions on a blockchain. This solutions also minimizes reliance upon central authorities and intermediary parties. However, strong guarantees are required to protect the privacy of the patient and the business information of other involved entities such as the physician, the pharmacist and the insurer. Therefore, the solution is designed in such a way that even public disclosure of the blockchain does not reveal any privacy-sensitive or confidential information.

The scheduling of activities over time has gained increasing attention with the development of the critical path method (CPM) and the program evaluation and review technique (PERT). Since then, a large amount of solution procedures for a wide range of problem types have been proposed in the literature. Many of these procedures, however, are not able to solve real-life problems.

Various - 100 Vlaamse Klassiekers - Volume 2Various - 100 Vlaamse Klassiekers - Volume 2Various - 100 Vlaamse Klassiekers - Volume 2Various - 100 Vlaamse Klassiekers - Volume 2